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West Coast Custom Gates Ltd
Warranty Terms & Sales Policies

Westcoast Custom Gates Ltd Warranty Terms & Sales Policies

Sales Terms & Conditions:
Once you have received an official quote and you wish to proceed, a security deposit of 50% will be required. Installed products must be paid in full within 7 days upon of the completion of the installation, prior to shipping, or at the time of picking up. Late payments will be subject to a 2.5% late fee per week. Accepted Methods for Payments: Cash, Certified Cheque, E-Transfer, Direct Deposit, Debit, or Visa & Mastercard ($2500 max). We accept up to $2500 max as payment by credit card, any balance over $2500, if paid by credit card, will be subjected to a 2.5% service fee.

Westcoast Custom Gates is not responsible for late delivery of any products. Any loss of time, inconvenience and/or commercial loss will not be compensated under any circumstance, unless otherwise stated in writing and signed by the administration of Westcoast Custom Gates.

Customers are responsible to know all property lines and any city by laws, or other restrictions at the location that prohibit, or determine where our products are to be installed.
Customers are responsible to know and clearly indicate the location of any water, gas, or hydro lines, or any other potentially hazardous objects that may interfere with the installation of our products.
It is the customer’s responsibility to clearly mark where Westcoast Custom Gates is to install the products that have been requested by them.

Warranty Terms & Conditions:
Note: Westcoast Gates may be used in replacement of Westcoast Custom Gates Ltd.
Westcoast Custom Gates Ltd Standard Warranty Periods
Custom Gates & Fence Limited 5 Years
Prefab Gates Limited 2 Years
Prefab Fence Panels Limited 2 Years
Electrical Gate Openers & Components (Please see details below) Limited 1-2 Years.
Powder-Coat Finish (See below)

The warranty offered by Westcoast Gates on our products is considered null and void if the damage occurred through misuse, abuse, or use for anything other, or more than its specification. Damage caused to our products as a result of misuse, fire, natural disaster, extreme weather, vandalism, or wildlife is not covered under this warranty.

Westcoast Gates is not responsible to carry the warranty on a product which has been modified by customer, or any other facility other than our own.

Once products are sold, or installed, it is assumed that they will be properly maintained and operated by the purchaser, or person(s) authorized by the purchaser. As a result Westcoast Gates will not be liable for any consequential, incidental or special damages arising in connection with the use, or inability to use the product(s).

Some wear is to be expected over time from use. Normal wear of our products is not considered damage and will not be covered under warranty.

Although seldom used in our fabrications, some hardware used with our gates, railings & fencing may contain steel components. Rust is a natural occurrence when steel is subjected to moisture and as we do our best to protect any raw steel with a durable finish, we are unable to guarantee it against rust.

All warranty work must be completed at our Westcoast Gates facility, unless otherwise authorized by an Westcoast Gates Employee. Westcoast Gates reserves the right to view the item under claim, either at our manufacturing facility, or at the client’s home. The shipping and handling costs of the products to and from our facility for repairs is the responsibility of the client. We reserve the right to either repair, or replace the product at Westcoast Gate's discretion.

Electrical Automated Systems are covered under manufacturer’s warranty for 1, or 2 years. Manufacturer's warranty begins from date of purchase, or from the date of installation, if done by one of our technicians. For warranty purposes, automated systems and accessories must be returned within 30 days from date up purchase, unaltered and in original unopened packaging, unless deemed to have manufacturer's defect.
For warranty related inquiries, or issues:
GTO Technical Support: 1-800-543-1236
FAAC Canada: 1-905-670-1200
LiftMaster Technical Support: 1-800-528-2806

Although parts may be covered under manufacturer’s warranty, clients are responsible for any labour costs in the diagnosing, removal, or reinstallation of any electrical products after 60 days from date of install. Additional charge for travel time may apply for areas outside of our district. Please contact us for more info.

As powder-coating finishes are recommended, they remain optional. At the client’s request, Westcoast Gates may handle the original shipping and handling of the products to and from the third party location of business, at Sunray Aluminum (Pre October 2017).
The procedure is performed by their qualified staff and as a result, warranty coverage is determined under Sunray Aluminum’s policies. For information on coverage and care, please visit: http://www.sunrayaluminum.ca/Warranties-Cleaning-and-Care.page, or call Sunray Aluminum at 250-755-3026.
*As of October 2017, all powder coating is done locally by Coastal Powder Coat Inc.
www.coastalpowdercoat.ca, 250-586-9547.

All warranties are non-transferable.

Normal: conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.

We thank you for your purchase and appreciate your business!