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What do I need to activate the gate operator using MyQ®?
a. Router
b. Internet connection
c. InternetGateway
d. Internet Gateway serial number (located on the bottom of the Internet Gateway) e. MyQ-EnabledGateOperator

What is an Internet Gateway?
The Internet Gateway (828LM), is a 900 MHz Internet Protocol device for monitoring and controlling MyQ devices (e.g. gate operator or light control).

Does an Internet Protocol Address or Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol need to be established for the Internet Gateway?
Yes, the Internet Gateway (828LM) requires a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DCHP).

What is the required speed of the Ethernet port for the Internet Gateway?
The Internet Gateway is a 10 Mb/s device.

How does the Internet Gateway connect to an existing residential or commercial network?
The Internet Gateway needs to be connected to a Local Area Network port on a network router or network switch, establishing connection to the Internet. When the Internet Gateway connects to the Internet, a secure session is established with the MyQ server.

What Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and/or User Datagram Protocol (UDP) ports need to be opened in our firewall?
The Internet Gateway uses User Datagram Protocol (UDP) port 80 for inbound and outbound data messages and uses Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) port 2165 for firmware updates. If a firewall or network security appliance is on the network (e.g. SonicWALL®), the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) Timeout setting needs to be set to 180 seconds or greater. See the Incompatible Router and Switch section for more information.

Can the Internet Gateway be pinged to verify connection to a network?
The Internet Gateway does not support a ping response.

Can a static IP address be established on the Internet Gateway?
A static IP address cannot be established on this device. The Internet Gateway requires the router/Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DCHP) to provide a Local Area Network (LAN) Internet Protocol (IP) address.

How can the Internet Gateway be tested from the Internet?
To test the Internet Gateway from the Internet, do either of the following:
1.Add the Internet Gateway to a MyQ account. If the Internet Gateway is already on a MyQ account, add a MyQ-Enabled device (e.g. gate operator or light control) to the MyQ account.
2.If a MyQ-Enabled device is already on the MyQ account, provide a command (open/close, on/off) using the MyQ app.

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