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America’s Most Widely Used Emergency Gate Access System
The Siren Operated Sensor (SOS) responds to the sound of a siren to open residential, commercial, airport, government, and military gates in an emergency. Currently used throughout the Americas and Europe and mandated in many communities nationwide, the SOS VIII is the most reliable, cost-effective device for opening your gates, roll-up doors, parking arms, and barriers in an emergency.
Top Reasons to Buy the SOS VIII
Cost Effective: SOS is the most cost effective way for emergency responders to access your home or business without stopping or leaving their vehicle to enter a code or use a key, or causing costly damage by ramming your gate.
Reliable: The reliability of the SOS Emergency Access System has made it mandatory in many communities throughout the country. Once SOS is installed on your gate, your concerns about emergency vehicles gaining access to your property will vanish. This system saves vital seconds in an emergency.
Customizable: SOS is compatible with all gate operators. Settings can be customized to respond to individual frequencies. And you can determine how long you’d like the gate to remain open.
Top New Features of the SOS VIII
New Processor: Siren detection is more accurate than ever. The SOS VIII comes equipped with a new processor to reduce false triggers and inaccurate signal reads.
Redesigned Potentiometer: Now you can adjust the sensitivity of the SOS VIII's siren detection with even greater ease and precision. The settings are clearly marked -- and with nine of them, you can fine-tune the unit's siren detection sensitivity to your exact specifications.
Simpler Programming: The SOS VIII is equipped with five switches to customize the length of time the gate remains open after being triggered. Keep it open a few seconds or up to 2 hours. Or if you prefer, keep it open until the reset button is pushed. Programming your customized settings is as easy as flipping a switch.
External Reset Button: Need to reset the SOS VIII after use? Forget fiddling with screws. No more having to remove the cover. Just push the new external reset button and save yourself the hassle.
Siren Test CD: The SOS VIII package now includes a CD recording of an emergency responder "yelp" so you can test the unit and adjust the sensitivity settings to your preference.
Installation Instructions: The guesswork is taken out of installing, testing, and programming your SOS VIII unit with rewritten and simplified instructions.
New Packaging: The SOS VIII package now includes a UPC code and a place for distributors to add their information.

FAQs About the SOS VIII
Do some communities require that SOS units be installed? And if so, why?
Yes, some communities throughout the country require that SOS units be installed to open gates in an emergency. Communities that have not standardized to SOS may be using a variety of devices such as key pad entry systems. They change access codes and fail to provide them to the authorities, leaving emergency responders unable to open the gate. Thus, some areas have mandated the use of SOS units to standardized the gate entry system, thereby allowing the Fire Department or other first responders to access a gated community in the event of an emergency.

Technical Requirements of the SOS VIII
Voltage: AC or DC 9 to 30 volts
Amp draw: 0.1 mA (milliamp)
Wire gauge: 22 AWG(not included)
Temperature: The SOS VIII remains functional in temperatures ranging from -30 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
Required Decibel Level: This is the decibel level the unit receives to trigger the sensor, not the level the siren produces. The necessary decibel level varies by the unit’s sensitivity setting:
• Sensitivity set at 0: The unit will not trigger at any decibel level
• Sensitivity set at 3: The unit will trigger at 125 decibels
• Sensitivity set at 5: The unit will trigger at 105 decibels
• Sensitivity set at 7: The unit will trigger at 95 decibels
• Sensitivity set at 9: The unit will trigger at 80 decibels

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