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Electric Lock

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Accessory Description:
The Automatic Gate Lock provides peace of mind and added security for your gate. The GTO FM144 Automatic Lock unlocks and locks automatically as the gate is activated to open and close. The GTO FM144 is wired directly to the gate opener's control box, and it is activated by any one of the many Mighty Mule or GTO / PRO Access Controls, including the Entry Transmitter, GTO RB741 the GTO FM139 Gate Opening Sensor, the GTO F310 Digital Keypad, or the GTO RB101 Push Button Control. The GTO FM144 provides maximum stability and security on GTO PRO gate openers, and is highly recommended for animal enclosures, high wind areas, and gates over 8 Ft. long. It comes with two keys for manual release of the gate lock.

Wiring Harness -$25

Your Price:C$255.00