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FAAC 400 Hydraulic

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FAAC 400 Hydraulic Operators

*A wide range of models
The FAAC 400 offers a range of 7 different
operators, with or without hydraulic locking
designed to automate swing gates up to
7 metres per leaf. The whole range is easily
installed and models are available for very heavy
gates, industrial gates and high frequency operators.
* Safe both inside and out
The exclusive hydraulic device, ensuring
maximum anti-crushing protection,
features two highly sensitive by-pass
valves. In case of an emergency, a customised release key makes it possible to operate
the gate manually. The power of hydraulic locking gives the system exceptionally high resistance against break-in attempts.
* FAAC’S experience is guarantee
The motor unit is contained in a compact
hydraulic enbloc housing: all components are
oil-bath lubricated and continuously cooled,
require very little maintenance and are low on electrical power consumption.
* Reliability and low noise
Precision mechanics and use of hydraulic
oil as motor fluid are the secrets behind the
extremely low noise movement. Reliability is
assured under any atmospheric conditions and at extreme temperatures in the range
-40° C to +55° C.
Hydraulic operator with piston for swing-leaf gates
• Models available with hydraulic locking on closing, opening and closing, and without
• Models suitable for max leaf length up to 7 m • Models with max use frequency up to 50 cycles/hour
• Models with max traction/thrust force up to 775 daN
• Models with rod extension speed 1 cm/s and 1.5 cm/s
• Models with pump flow rate of 0.75 - 1 - 1.5 l/min
• Models with rod effective stroke 280 mm and 380 mm
• Pillar installation
• Leaf opening inwards or outwards
• Max opening angle 120°
• Electric motor power supply 115/230V (+6%-10%) 50(60) Hz
• Electric motor power 220 W
• Thermal protection at 120°C built into motor winding
• Overall dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 1.031x90x113 mm
• Protection class IP 55
• Operating ambient temperature -40°C ÷ +55°C
• Built-in release device with customised key
• Single-phase motor with two rotation directions (1.400rpm)
• Hydraulic gerotor pump (max low noise)
• Die-cast distribution flange
• Separate control of opening and closing force by by-pass valves
• Rod in stainless steel
• Securing to front fitting by ball joint
• Tank and piston protective housing in anodised aluminium
• Air breather screw
• Mineral hydraulic oil

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