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Digital Key Pad

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Accessory Description
Digital Keypad (GTO F310) The GTO Digital Keypad is designed to allow access to your property for friends and family, and can be easily installed as a wireless system. The keypad is easy to program with up to twenty-five different personal identification number (PIN) codes, and with a re-programmable vacation code good for up to seven days. Can be easily installed as a wired or wireless keypad for all GTO swing and slide gate operators, and as a wired keypad for the Bulldog Pedestrian Gate Lock. It can be programmed to recognize twenty five (25) different personal identification number (PIN) codes. Each code is easy to face program and has additional security features built in. Can also accommodate most garage doors and other gate openers. If used as a wired keypad. GTO low voltage wire (see RB509) will be required. The digital keypad provides as many as 25 unique entry codes allowing activation of the gate operator from up to 100 feet wireless or 1000 wired.

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